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Has the firearm industry gone into a slump?

It's no secret that the firearms market in the US is politically driven. Under a Trump Presidency all categories of the firearms industry are reporting a down turn in sales.

Gun control, pushed for safety, but is there profit behind it?

While billed the world over as "sensible" and "common sense" when new gun control measures are proposed, it would seem that the same people touting such buzz words could have ulterior motives of profit behind their campaigns.

Privacy Commission has found the Firearms Program handed over firearm owner information to a private firm.

Firearm owners have claimed to have issues with the handling of information that the Canadian Firearms Program collects. In this case the Firearms Program handed over information about firearms owners to EKOS Research Associates Inc.

The Valmet AK-47 is non-restricted in Canada. Valmet M78 in .308 win pictured.

The AK-47 is a world renowned rifle known and sought after for it's near mythical reliability. Unfortunately for Canadians the AK-47 and nearly all variants are prohibited from civilian ownership by name, but is there a way for a Canadian to legally own a non-restricted AK?

FightLite grants Canadian distribution to Wolverine Supplies. Pictured is a MCR.

FightLite Industries, the manufacturer that makes some interesting firearms designs, recently selected Wolverine Supplies as their official distributor for Canada.

Bob Zimmer introducing Private Members Bill C-346 in his Facebook page.

Conservative MP Bob Zimmer has introduced Private Members Bill C-346, an Act to amend the Firearms Act (licensing), that would seek to eliminate firearms license expiry.

Hera Arms new CQG Rifle stock and foregrip.

If you want a new and unique stock and foregrip set that looks like it's out of some sort of movie based in the future then Hera Arms has made some cool looking furniture for you.

Zach Peters grabbed his AR-15 and defended himself against the three armed and masked home invaders.

If you haven't heard already Zach Peters (pictured) a 23 year old man from Broken Arros, Oklahoma made headlines recently when he shot and killed three home invaders in self defense.

100th anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge

The Battle of Vimy Ridge was a defining moment for the Canadian Military in the First World War. One hundred years after the battle and Canada's coming of age as a Nation on the World stage the ideals fought for in the battle still live on in Canada today.

The CMP might bring 86000 M1's back to US soil.

The Civilian Marksmanship Program (CMP) has confirmed that there could be up to 86000 M1 Garand rifles coming back to the USA from the Philippines.

Will Hayden found guilty of rape.

Will Hayden, former cast member of the reality TV show 'Sons of Guns' was found guilty by a jury of rape.

Canada: Trudeau Liberals planning gun grab?

The Liberal Government is working on new firearms legislation that is rumored to be making many people nervous, including rural Liberal MP's.

MOLLE compatible K9 gear may be self explanatory to the Police, Military, and Security groups, however how can it be of use for the pet owner?

Even if your dog is just a big loveable family pet you may have found that for camping, hiking, and various outdoor activities it's beneficial for the dog to have the ability to carry some gear. Perhaps it's own food and toys for the trip, or perhaps some assistance gear for you or your family? Whatever the need you'll soon find that you have multiple harnesses all purchased for a specific task.

While the manufacturers hydration pack is exactly what 95% of users will need, sometimes a bit of variety is needed. Did you know that you can mix and match hydration bladders with other packs and accessories for a fit more tailored to your individual needs?

Have you found yourself liking the pack and bladder of one type of manufacturer but found some areas to be desired, well you can look into fitting accessories of a different manufacturer onto the pack. If you like the bladder of one type of hydration pack, but like the pack of another then you can mix and match different bladders and packs.

With all of the choice on the market one tends to shop for the lowest price. Most of the time this sets the product up for failure as the lowest price isn't always the best product.

A knife is a tool, and as any trades person can attest to you're sometimes only as good as the tools you use. Most cheaper knives on the market are made from low quality steel. Such steel is likely to break under hard use, and with knives being the type of tools that people rely on with their lives a broken knife can cause injury or be the difference between life and death.

Why would you need to use a tactical pack, backpack, or hydration pack? You may not be into firearms or tactical accessories but a tactical pack has more use than you may imagine.

Tactical style packs are durable, modular, and meant for ease of use. These features are just as beneficial to any sport and everyday use as they are to the tactical user. Getting into your pack fast saves time, which could mean a faster finishing time to your event, or just easier use in your daily life.

Downgraded from expert to opinion piece in a day.

Ottawa Matters published an article originally titled "Banning handguns in Canada could reduce local crime, says gun control expert" on June 12, 2019. The frenzy of replies from gun owners online caused the publication to nearly immediately start to back peddle.

Learn the history of the AR-15 classification in order to save it in the future.

The AR-15 has become the Gun Control lobby's ubiquitous poster boy for the need for gun control. However they were once massively disappointed to have it not become prohibited by a grass roots campaign launched by a sport shooting organization.

Suppressors, or silencers, whatever you call them are a valuable tool to protect hearing.

Firearm owners are often given the comparison that “if you have to get a license to drive then you should get a license to own a firearm”. Then along that same logic if your car is required to have a muffler to reduce the amount of noise it creates, why can’t Canadians use suppressors on their firearms to reduce the amount of noise they create? If the train of logic is good enough to create a law, then why can’t it be applied to amend law for actual public safety?


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