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We shoot the X-Drill with the Swiss Arms Sig SG551sp, otherwise known in Canada as the Classic Green Carbine. The point of this drill is to put two rounds center mass on one target, two rounds center mass on another target, go back to the other target and put two into the upper area, and two into the other upper area and rinse and repeat until you've emptied the magazine. Reload the rifle and continue going until you've emptied all of your ammunition.

You'll notice that the custom stainless barrel has a distinct loud 'tuning fork' sound with every shot. If I were to have this rifle re-barreled again I would avoid the integral flash suppressor and go with a standard threading for aftermarket muzzle devices. The rifle has been re-barreled to be non-restricted by Canadian law. This allows the rifle to be used outside of designated shooting ranges where it is legal to discharge a firearm.