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We sight in our new Aimpoint Micro T2 mounted on our Swiss Arms Sig SG551sp, also known in Canada as a Swiss Arms Classic Green Carbine. The rifle is already sighted in with the mounted iron sights, so the Aimpoint was mounted and setup to co-witness with the sights prior to this video.

With every rifle that you are serious in relying upon it's our belief that the rifle should be equipped with both a good set of iron sights and a reliable optic. The Swiss Arms iron sights are some of the best iron sights in the world, and the Aimpoint is one of the best optics on the market. We use a lower third co-witness in this video, both because that's all you can really achieve with a Swiss Arms rifle and also because it does allow the extra room in the sight picture to use the irons when you have to in order to adjust on the fly for height over bore.