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We've reported in past videos about Holosun Optics mounts breaking and we unintentionally got it on film. Our Aimpoint Micro T2 was just mounted on our Swiss Arms SIG SG 551sp using a Holosun mount with a brand new cross bolt, and after 25 rounds the cross bolt sheared.

The mount was connected to the rifle using a high end torque driver and was torqued down to 10lbs, which was the lightest setting the driver can go to. For anyone who knows about torque settings 10lbs is less torque than the average human can apply. Needless to say that we don't trust Holosun Optics mounts for anything outside of Airsoft or Paintball. This isn't to say that this is a negative review about the optics that Holosun produces as we've tested them extensively and found them adequate for firearms use. Only the mounts are the trouble issue and we suggest replacement of the mount with an aftermarket mount ASAP.