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In the first 2016 US Presidential debate both Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton agreed to the 'No Fly, No Buy' list should be implemented for gun control.

If the 'no fly, no buy' laws are passed if either Trump or Clinton are elected as President then due process and the Constitutional Right of the Second Amendment are a thing of the past. Having your right to own or purchase a firearm taken away by just simply being put on either the terrorist watch list or the no fly list simply removes any chance of due process. You can not face your accuser, you can not appeal the decision, and your rights are not stripped from you by a judge, they are stripped from you by a bureaucrat.

What people are seeming to forget is that you can still support Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton, without supporting everything that they put forward. So remember folks, if you're in the US, in the next couple of months get out and vote. But no matter who wins the election whether it's your candidate or not, if the new President proposes no fly no buy legislation oppose it by any legal means that you have.