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Now why should you value privacy on the internet? The answer to some should be pretty obvious, but let me tell you that everybody has something to hide. what is legal today might not be legal tomorrow, and what you are browsing today might be considered nefarious tomorrow. Now while this might seem a little paranoid to some don't forget that most elected representatives enter office feeling that they have to pass some kind of law and leave some kind of legacy. Most of which is intrusive, invasive, and an absolute over riding of your current privacy laws. So in the opposite of not 10 or 20 years ago when it used to be considered invasive to read someone's diary in the day of the internet people seem to be putting their every thought, their every purchase, and so much trust in the online world. And with some gates open we're just never going to get them closed, and we do have to accept that. But how can we protect ourselves from that?

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