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We explore two of the upcoming points of note with the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty and how they can increase the costs of firearms and accessories. Our price breakdowns explore the initial cost per firearm increase because of the UN firearms marking regulations, and we explore the costs to businesses if Bill C-47 passes into law. We find the costs to be variable and base our estimates on small stores, but they would be more for large stores and importers. We easily find that Bill C-47 would increase the cost of doing business by $16500 per year for small businesses, plus add a one time fee of $7400 for engraving equipment and adequate firewall protection. As said that's a variable cost, and on the low end of estimates, so with larger businesses and importers that cost of doing business yearly would be higher. These are costs that will be passed directly onto the consumer that will increase the price of firearms, accessories, and ammunition in Canada. Watch the video to see how we come to the conclusions of how the firearms marking regulations and Bill C-47 will increase costs of doing business and the costs of purchases for the consumer.

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Ontop of the UN treaty increasing the cost per firearm and accessory this is a form of economic punishment to legitimate firearm businesses. If you are opposed to the UN Arms Trade Treaty Firearm Marking Regulations write your Member of Parliament and tell them. Also if you are opposed to Bill C-47 then please consider signing our petitions found here;


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